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File sharing FEX

File sharing

File sharing ukraine,

Free file sharing

Free file hosting FEX is glad to welcome you on its pages!

FEX is a new, confidently gaining speed file hosting, which is an improved version of the legendary service EX.UA, which was so loved by the majority of Ukrainians. FEX can be confidently called unique and innovative in its kind.

Unlike many others, we focus not on additional earnings, but give you the opportunity to freely exchange files without any restrictions in size and volume. FEX — your new personal online savings disk!

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Advantages of FEX file sharing over any other:

— Absolute protection and security of any of your data

— Inheritance of all the best traditions of EX.UA

— A new and convenient technology platform (you can now download a large file easily and quickly)

— Incredibly convenient functionality that will be continuously expanded and improved

— Online loading of files without tedious registrations (upload photos or upload video can be just a couple of clicks)

— Anonymous exchange of files, not limited in size

— Password protection of all your files for secure transmission

— Standardized and versatile hardware provides innovative approaches to processing and storing your data

— Automatic conversion of files for viewing (watch online), and for their playback in online mode (online video)

— Possibility of free and paid storage of all your files

— Function of «perpetual» storage of unlimited sizes of your data for a symbolic fee 1 USD per 1 terabyte per month

— Minimize the risk of loss of your data due to a three-time reservation

— Ability to create personal mailboxes with @ fex.net extension

Forget about other file hosting Ukraine! Now you will not need a Yandex drive, no cloud Mile, or any other similar!

Using FEX is even easier than your favorite EX.UA, because it is:

— Very simple creation of new objects (this file hosting can work without registration)

After clicking the «Transfer files» button you will be presented with a menu for downloads with a special security key, the ability to set a password for the downloaded files and their personalization (assigning them to a certain owner)

— Download files in «two clicks»

To download your files, just click the «Add files» button, selecting the necessary ones from the appeared dialog box or by simply dragging and dropping them from a folder on your computer to the site page

— Convenient storage period for uploaded files

After creating each new menu of downloads with a special security key, you are guaranteed the storage of an unlimited number of your files within 7 days (file sharing is free), after which you can delete or extend their files for a 30-day period by placing a Premium account up to 1 TV for symbolic 1 USD.

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