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Internet resource

Wanderer — This amateur life, develops the topic of travel on the Internet, or simply walk through the virtual world. All the information on the pages of this website, completely free and generally available. Our online resource will give you the opportunity to know:

Unique methods of sucking money out of thin air.
We are not going to offer you is very necessary for you and your household goods at low prices.
Also, there is no information where and what can be stolen or obtained free of charge (fraud) by.
A word of advice from the author himself. Remember dear friends on the Internet, as in the real world. Law on free cheese, one has canceled. What information is written on the pages of our site: Since I’m a big fan of walking spaces on search engines such as: Googl, Yandex, Nigma, Yahoo, Bing, Meta. On which, in turn, a lot of useful information and relevant websites with different themes. I will spread on your page, a description of such resources. After all, they are very far from the first pages of search engines. And more likely that a normal user does not show his desire to cross the line tenth of a search engine page. I wanted, just in his spare time, so relax. And I like my walks and you dear users will probably be interested in how to read, and try these resources.

Most personal request, please do not judge the pages of my life due to poor design and professionalism. Please note that I spend on the resource, a small amount of money and time. A little later I plan to run a little game on the pages of your site. It deliberately place for real gifts and prizes.

With great respect to each guest.

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